NAVYFEL Technology

• APEKS or SITECH Charge and Exhaust Valves

• Two practical technical diving pockets, each with a small pocket zip

• Kevlar covers wear-resistant areas (black or orange optional)

• Neck insulating latex seal covered with 3 mm neoprene

• AQUASEAL glue waterproof treatment at internal seams,

• Good waterproof effect, and easy maintenance

• Double reinforcement and waterproofing of Toray T5000 ironing tape at the outer seam

• Optional Flex boots or 5mm neoprene socks

• NAVYFEL three-dimensional strap

• Seal made of insulating latex at wrist

• SITECH quick release leader ring optional

• Ultra-soft quick-release sleeve ring

• Three-dimensional cutting under armpit is convenient for technical divers to operate equipment

• Medium pressure hose

• PVC mesh sandwich wear-resistant bag

• 3-year warranty

• 20 sizes for men and 15 sizes for women, also support tailor-made

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